A Taste of Place the project events reviews Soil: a series about
Am I Expected to Eat Dirt?

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Tasting Notes

T&D willey Farms – San Joaquin Valley Series
This 2006 release of San Joaquin-Madera association is visually rich and dark showing flecks of mica from older alluvial fans and terraces. Subtle yet complex nose, grassy and vegetative. An underlying presence of cream opens up to hints of citrus and spice. Soft in the mouth with a fine sandy quality this soil is a keeper. Enjoy it now or put aside for up to 10 years.

Philo Apple Farm – Flood Plain, Navarro River District.
Unlike the Indian Camp Ground variety, flood plain has a yellow mustard color. It’s texture is hard and clod like. A bit less exotic in aroma, but more varietal, with olive and mineral notes, and a bit weightier finish. The nose here is clay and smoky with huge extract and extraordinary elegance.

Apple Farm – Indian Camp Ground, “Arrowhead Reserve”
Texture like ground espresso between your fingertips with a rich, chocolate color.The nose is both flinty and grassy with finesse and subtlety. Old growth region. reference notes: July 2001)

Phil Foster Ranch – Santa Ana Valley, Clear Lake
Clay Dense and hard with a rocky quality. It's color is opaque charcoal, almost black with a hint of purple. On the nose, there is a mild granite finish. Highly fertile. Deep root zone. A richer style than I usually prefer, but nicely rendered. Slightly awkward now but it should develop.

Château Puech-méjà – France “Artist Collection”
Texture like river bottom sediment, with a brown sugar color that sparkles like crystal. The nose is ancient, with a well structured finish. This fine French offering won’t last. Best consumed in 10-20 years. Visits to the Chateau by appointment only. No access by car. Walking tours only.

Lagier Ranch – Veritas Fine Sandy Loam The texture is silky fine, pumice like. Its' color is light, like burnt almond. The nose is earthy with vegetal quality, like green chard and pine, built for the long haul with good supporting acidity. Hardpan finish. Suitable to serve with deep rooted crops.