A Taste of Place the project events reviews Soil: a series about
Am I Expected to Eat Dirt?

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* Chef, author and teacher Robert Reynolds offers an 8-week cooking course in Portland for candidates with a serious interest in cooking.

Can you really taste a place?

When * Robert Reynolds introduced me to Louis Marie reputed to make the best goat cheeses in France I discovered that it was possible to taste the pasture that the goats ate in the cheese made from their milk. My journey to explore the taste of place had begun. As a child I spent a lot of time on the farms of my family. I often remember those hot summer days spent playing in the fields or working in the garden. My grandfather and uncles were always tasting the soil, actually it was impossible not to.

After making books so I could read the soil I wanted to now taste the dirt. While working on LandScape: the Farmer as Artist one of my collaborators Karen Salinger and I developed “Tasting Notes” for the soil of our friends. This was the vehicle to enter the conversation of Taste of Place and the frame for the soil tastings.

This experience is just a metaphor, a small place to stop and pay attention for a few minutes to the food we eat and where it comes from.

Bon Appétit !