Laura Parker


Laura Parker is a California based artist whose work often focuses on agriculture, the environment and social structure. As an interdisciplinary artist she works in drawing, painting, artists books, and installation. In 2001 Parker began her installation work with a project called LandScape: The Farmer as Artist. The project included a public lectures series and pieces produced in collaboration with the local farming community and the public. Her 2001 work, “How far are you from the farm? A mile or a generation?” which was exhibited at the Jewett Gallery, San Francisco Public Library, invited library patrons to fill a wall with memories and experiences of the land. The project focused on increasing awareness of the role that agriculture plays in a vital community. Grants included funding from the San Francisco Arts Commission and the California Council of the Humanities, as well as from the San Francisco Firm of Veritable Vegetable, Artist for Agriculture Grant. Parker was also nominated for the 2008-2010 Eureka Fellowship for Visual Artists, a project of the Fleishhacker Foundation. From LandScape: The Farmer as Artist, came Taste of Place, 2006-ongoing. Taste of Place is an investigation into the relationship between the soil, food and the people of a given place and the impact of these connections on the individuals who experience them. Parker's work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. Venues include Copia Center for Food, Wine, & the Arts; Triton Museum of Art; Sonoma County Museum; University of California, Santa Cruz; San Francisco Public Library's Jewett Gallery; Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum, Cologne, Germany; MR Gallerie and the Chateau de Nieuil, France.


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